Wisconsin’s Own – Spring Session – 2/10/2024


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Wisconsin’s Own – Spring Session

Saturday February 10, 2024 at 4:00 PM

Because we love our Wisconsin artists and we want to champion them and give them the opportunity to showcase their work we will always start with “Wisconsin’s Own”. It’s our special non-negotiable category about the trials and tribulations of the State of Wisconsin, those who reside within it and those who make art about it.

Award Winner: Greener Pastures



Directed by John A Biesack Run Time 1:51:00

The search for an authentic life leads an existential bike mechanic to discover the universal truths and transformative powers of love.


Mess Up by Xposed 4Heads

Directed by Mark G. E. Run Time 0:02:50

The band Xposed 4Heads performs in a dystopian future reflecting on challenging times.

When You’re Here, You’re Pizza!

Directed by Tim Schwagel Run Time 0:07:19

River orders the same pizza every day. What could go wrong?</p?

Award Winner: Greener Pastures

Directed by Samuel-Ali Mirpoorian Run Time 1:22:00

Greener Pastures is an urgent and intimate look at American farming, told through the stories of farmers living at the intersection of climate change, globalization & a mental health crisis.